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Sonntag, 4. Dezember 2016, 00:14

Levis jeans related knowledge

model (NUMBER LOT): model refers to the Levi '' s501, Lee101, etc., said the number of jeans style. Manufacturer is different, a number of the representative of the style is also different. Remember that Wholesale Jordan Shoes you like the number of manufacturers of jeans model, the purchase will be more convenient.
(ROLL UP): flanging pipe styles of jeans trousers rolled over wearing pants edge, "said flanging". Big horn pants type jeans so naturally can not wear, but the straight type jeans or thin narrow jeans pants rolled over the edge wear is a fashionable red tab (RED TAB): Levi '' s brand jeans since 1936 in the buttocks after patch sewn on the cloth with red nail company logo, originally from other manufacturers, now from LEVI 'S or Levi' '' 's tag can Cheap Jordan Shoes be inferred from birth in. From 36 to 71 years is LEVI S, said the capital E (BIG· E), and the 69 years' '' Levi 'is called s lowercase e (SMALL· E), in other words, 69 years to 71 years, these three years is both. One of the criteria of classical jeans, jeans with the classical version of mark LEVI 'S.
back tag (BACK TAG): refers to the marked manufacturer of jeans right attached sewing trim. Different manufacturers have their own characteristics in different times and different manufacturers. For example, the Lee101 brand of jeans, in 1936 for the first time the use of the word "Lee" in the sewing of the hair, then changed to the present, and the pattern of light skin decoration, and patterns are not subtle changes. top button (TOP BUTTON) and the front button (FRONT BUTTON): at the early natural jeans placket zipper less, while the use of buttons, known as the "front button", the top is a top button "". Different manufacturers and different manufacturers of different buttons. 1936 before and after the production of Lee 101 brand jeans, its front button on the MADE UNION and the words engraved with the manufacturer's mark, and later Lee, COWBOY> Lee

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